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Smal.US logo About Smal.US
Smal.US is most advanced Url Shortener exists till yet, it is the result of huge research and use advance Technology which is benificial for both user and Smal.US
Smal.US shorts your long Web Links/URL Addresses to Smal.US links and warns you if a URL is incorrect which makes you to share what you want with Smal.US links founder maheepjyot
Maheep Jyot Singh
       (Chief Developer)
Maheep Jyot Singh (Chief Developer)

I was born with multiple talents, I work as entrepreneur, mathematician, etc., I love to play with numbers, literally this makes my mind sharper and puzzle free.

Being Mathematician I dilvered Guest Lectures to
*   Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School, Tarn Taran.
*   District Seminar to Mathemetic Lecturers, Tarn Taran

*  Founder & Developer of Smal.US "Get Shorten & Share"
*  Equating unequal numbers.(illusion)
*  Square of Numbers logic, "One Step Ahead"
*  Fastest way of Tables writing
*  Continues Work on "Theory of equity of Objects"

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