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Smal.US is the property of Singh Royals Inc.(SRI) Estb. 2014, Smal.US is the project based on Error Technology. Smal.US have different research , different product, different thinking, Smal.US aims to promote startup companies, websites, persons. SRI aims to make user's life easy and less time consuming

Easy Search

Smal.US don't have any right to use the name of Yahoo, Bing, Google. if user uses this technology it would be on his/her own sake, we made this project to test & observe the limits of Error Technology and Its possible project development.

Write About

Write About, in democratic world of Internet, everyone has right to express themselve,and promote themselves , some one Write About any thing ,It will be user's responsiblity what they write. Smal.US won't delete any article.

URL Shortener

Once the link is shortenen we won't delete at any of cost, only private link will be deleted on creator user request. Public link won't be deleted


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