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Personal Links

These links are the link that will be generated from user panel after login

Non Personal Links

These links are the link that will be generated without login


Public links are visible to everyone, these link are visible to all search engine and promoted by Smal.US Tool too. Once the link made public it won't be made private and Smal.US have right to promote these links. If you want to share Smal.US link on social networking site then we recommend you to make link Public


Private links are invisible to every , these link are invisible to all search engine and won't be promoted by Smal.US Tool too. Once the link made privateit won't be made public. If you share them on social networking site then you are promoting these link we are not ( then these link may visible to search engine).

URL Shortener

Just enter the long link  click GO SHORT then you will get automatically generated tagged Smal.US link like .
*These tags are case senstive.

Custom Links

Enter the long link and enter the tag you want represent after   then click "Verify" Button, you will get your custom generated tagged Smal.US link like .

How to Write Tag?

1. Avoid Space between two Words.
2. Instead of Space Capitalize the First letter of every word.
For example:
Tag is "Yahoo Ceo" you can write it as "YahooCeo".

*These tags are case senstive.

SEO Tool

How it Work?

1. Recomended to short link by Custom Generated Links Tool.
2. Your all short links should be PUBLIC
3. Short your all link existing in your website and replace existing links with short links,
    do same in the case of images make sure to add original link in "alt" tag of images.
4. Add Smal.US Social Share Button to your site.
5. Our SEO Tool not only add your site to our search engine database but also add your site to
    other search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing.
6. Share your Short Links on Social Networking Site double up the power of our SEO Tool to
    promote your site 

Social Share Button

Enter Your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus pages or profile and get the code and paste this code to your website. track your Social Sharing of  your Site by your site user, you can change this button image but make sure hyperlink link should remain same for social trackking.

Site Tracking Tool

Zero Size Image Tool

Enter the website and click get code and then place this image code anywhere in your site , it won't effect your site layout because of "0" width and height. Place this code to every page of your site.

 Good Luck,
Smal.US Team 

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